To Inform, Provoke, Dispel, and Inspire—Ideas and actions for life in Worthington, Ohio
Ideas, Actions, People, and Commentary in the City of Worthington

Why This Blog?

Worthington is at a promising, yet critical juncture in its history as our demographics change, society evolves, and outside pressures grow. During the next few years, we will make decisions that will shape the character and quality of our community life for decades to come. It is my belief that the wisest decisions will be made when they are based on the discernments and interests of an engaged citizenry.

Toward this end, at the heart of both my  City Council campaigns (2017 and 2021), as well as the 2015 Keep Worthington Beautiful citizens’ initiative (Issue 38), was an explicit commitment to inform and empower the residents of Worthington. This blog is aimed at furthering these twin objectives.

This blog will be a place where key public documents—e.g., our City Charter, City Code, Architectural Guidelines, Comprehensive Plan, Annual Budget—can be readily found by all in the “Community Links” section in the right side margin of this blog. Further, significant statements and/or policy positions by citizens’ groups will likewise be posted in this section. One of my goals is to provide visibility and a voice for groups that I believe are serving the broad public interest with clarity and transparency.

In addition to these formal documents, this blog may also feature articles, opinion pieces, essays, and images about topics of general interest to our community. I expect current events and policy issues to be prominent, complemented on occasion with profiles of local residents, businesses, and historic places.

Much of the content will be brief commentary and links to other pertinent documents, some will be my own stand-alone writings, and other pieces, I hope, will be submitted by members of our community or world at-large. I invite and welcome input—letters, commentary, articles, images, and ideas—from all persons, yet I reserve the right to select and post only what I consider to be in accord with the core goals of this blog: to inform, provoke thinking, dispel falsehoods, and inspire active citizenship.

Please sign up for email notifications of new postings (see input form, in right margin, under “NEVER MISS A POST!”), and, if so inclined, share this blog with others who share a commitment to maintaining and enhancing the distinctive character of the city we love.